TITAS 2023 Taipei Textile Exhibition

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● SAYA Recycled Yarn   SAYA, an eco-friendly sustainability brand under the Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, creates a safeguarding circularity by implementing the BPA[1]Clear project. SAYA is focused on developing polyester recycling techniques that fully integrate market and industry resources from developing diverse recycling channels to a rich variety of applications for recycled materials. 

 ● BPA-Clear Bisphenol A Removal and Regulation Technology   SAYA Lab developed its leading BPA-Clear Bisphenol A Removal and Regulation Technology, which can effectively ensure that Bisphenol A levels meet international standards (less than 1ppm) during the production of eco-friendly recycled textile products NAN YA PLASTICS (NPC) through modifications to manufacturing equipment, innovative implementation of Bisphenol A removal technologies, and strict regulation of sources for recycled materials. 

 ● SAYA Lab   SAYA Lab carries out research into implementing eco-friendly sustainability concepts, breaking through technological barriers and high industrial cost restrictions. It has developed certified high-quality products, and recycled PET can be used in more diverse applications. Apart from being a provider of functional fabrics, it also includes buckles and accessories, synthetic down, and functional films. SAYA aims to set up a OneHub full-service integrated recycling station, achieving an important milestone for the brand's sustainability and recycling technologies.

NAN YA PLASTICS Polyester Fiber Division