Nan Ya's sustainable recycling brand 'SAYA' Media Sharing Event

2023 . 08 . 04


After obtaining food contact container certifications from the U.S. FDA and the European EFSA in 2021 and 2022 respectively, Nan Ya Plastics, the parent company of the sustainable brand 'SAYA Sustainability,' proudly announces that its food-grade recycled polyester pellets (R-PET) have received certification from the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) in March of this year (2023). Nan Ya states that it will continue to evaluate opportunities for expansion into other countries and collaborate with local recycling businesses to construct localized complete recycling and sustainable production chains, with the aim of increasing the revenue share and performance of green products.

   Following the TFDA food packaging certification, Nan Ya is now in a position to supply food-grade recycled polyester pellets to domestic bottle manufacturers. In the future, businesses in the food, beverage, or hospitality industry with a need for containers or packaging that come into direct contact with food will have a safe and environmentally friendly choice.

   Chang-Ming Tsai, Vice President of Nan Ya's Fiber Business Division, mentioned that Nan Ya is currently collaborating with domestic unified corporate entities to collect PET bottles from central, southern, eastern, and outlying regions. Using Nan Ya's advanced PET recycling technology, these bottles are transformed into food-grade recycled polyester pellets, contributing to the development of a domestic packaging material recycling system.

   Furthermore, in response to global environmental opportunities and the trends in the circular economy, Nan Ya has established annual production capacities of 250,000 tons for PET recycling lines in Taiwan, China, the United States, Vietnam, and other locations. By the end of this year, we anticipate a substantial increase to 410,000 tons.

   Chang-Ming Tsai emphasized that Nan Ya will continue to seek innovative technologies for effective solutions to polyester material recycling and evaluate opportunities to construct localized complete production chains with local recycling businesses in other countries, aiming to enhance the share and performance of green products in the enterprise.

   Nan Ya has been committed to PET bottle recycling and the production of high-value long-fiber products since 2007. Their independent sustainable brand, 'SAYA Sustainability,' covers all eco-regeneration product lines. They prioritize the single-material design in product development, enhancing recycling efficiency from the industry's source, and expanding the application fields of polyester products to realize their environmental sustainability philosophy.

   To ensure that the cleanliness of recycled polyester pellets is on par with virgin pellets, Nan Ya has not only optimized the recycling process but also invested millions in commissioning research institutions to conduct real-world pollution challenge tests. The deliberate 'contamination' testing validates the process's decontamination capability at the highest standard. Additionally, they have formed close partnerships with bottle suppliers to rigorously inspect and manage raw material quality, ensuring the overall hygiene and safety of the food-grade rPET ester pellet production line.

   Nan Ya states that it will continue to promote environmental regeneration technology and products under the sustainable 'SAYA Sustainability' brand and will collaborate with the core business to deepen its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), establishing a green circular supply chain and realizing corporate responsibility while driving Taiwan's green economy.

NAN YA PLASTICS Polyester Fiber Division