Establishing a Green Circular Supply Chain, Nan Ya Collaborates with Convenience Stores to Promote PET Bottle Recycling and Regeneration

2022 . 08 . 05


Constructing a Green Circular Supply Chain, Nan Ya announced on the 5th that they are collaborating with Uni-President Group's President Packaging and 7-ELEVEN, to jointly establish a "Bottle to Bottle" PET bottle recycling system in the Central and Southern regions, as well as the outlying islands.

   Nan Ya stated that this collaboration will utilize circular economy resource recycling machines installed in 7-ELEVEN stores to collect and crush PET bottles. Then, with the help of Nan Ya's advanced PET recycling technology, these crushed bottles will be regenerated into new PET bottles, breathing new life into discarded PET bottles and establishing a green, renewable circular supply chain. The Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), referencing international practices, announced the "PET Recycled Resin Granule Raw Material Appropriateness Application Process for Manufacturing Food Containers and Packaging" on May 12th this year (2022). Manufacturers who pass the review can use recycled PET materials for manufacturing food utensils, containers, and packaging. Nan Ya, having already obtained certifications such as the U.S. FDA and the EU EFSA, is among the first batch of companies to be granted this permission domestically.

   Nan Ya said that, adhering to the principles of protecting the Earth and sustainable development, they have been dedicated to recycling and regenerating PET products, such as used PET bottles, since 2007. They have been fully committed to developing environmentally friendly, sustainable products. Through advanced PET recycling technology, Nan Ya can reduce carbon emissions by approximately 72% compared to traditional petrochemical processes. According to statistics, they have recycled about 14.6 billion PET bottles, reducing carbon emissions by 320,000 tons from 2020 to 2021. This is equivalent to the carbon absorption of 809 Daan Forest Parks in Taiwan for a year. Nan Ya has already established PET recycling lines in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, the United States, Thailand, the Philippines, and other regions, with an annual production capacity of about 220,000 tons in 2021. They estimate that by 2023, the annual production capacity for recycled products will double to 420,000 tons.

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