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The End Can Also Be A New Beginning If The Loop Is Closed.

In order to solve the problem of clothing waste, the textile industry moves from a line- economy to a circular economy model, thereby reducing oil consumption, reducing energy, reducing carbon footprint or any production. The way of making, the brand also made a commitment to limit plastic, hoping to make some changes to the environment through the entire textile supply chain.

In order to implement sustainable environmental protection and realize the commitment of closed cycle, Nan Ya established the independent brand SAYA to find a solution for the recycling of polyester materials, starting from the raw material end, combining the particles, long fibers, short fibers and The products produced by the fabric incorporate SAYA's exclusive and innovative recycling technology, and grasp the beginning and end of the product life-cycle, pushing the production process of all products to closing the loop. For more information on SAYA's innovative regeneration technology, please refer to SAYA's official website.

Circular Economy is the Sustainable Future


Innovating Renewal Technologies

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